This website is about the history and genealogy of Quitman County.

Quitman County is located in the Mississippi Delta in Northeastern Mississippi.  Surrounding counties are Panola, Tunica, Coahoma and Tallahatchie.  The bill for the formation of the county was passed on February 1, 1877.

I dedicate this site to my cousin, Harry Russell Johnson, Jr. (1927-2005) who helped me get started with my genealogy research.  He was extremely generous in sharing his research with me.


Pay it forward!


Mississippi flag; photo by Richard Threlkeld on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / share alike).

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11 thoughts on “Welcome to Quitman County, Mississippi

  1. I am searching for old photos of downtown Lambert from the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s. Spent my youth visiting my Grandparents there


    1. Flikr has some photos of Lambert.
      Click on the picture to go to the link.


      Marks The Good Old Days Facebook page has an album of Lambert photos.

      I’m not sure if You From the Delta Ain’tchu? has any pictures from Lambert, but it might be worth a try to post on their page.

      A Bing search brings up several photos of Lambert.

      Wikipedia has 3 pictures of Lambert.,_Mississippi



  2. My great-grandfather was Leopold Marks, for whom the town of Marks was named. My grandmother was Virginia Denton. I would like to be able to make a hard copy of the history and genealogy of Quitman County and have tried unsuccessfully to send the information to my husband’s computer to copy , com. I am happy to buy a copy if you will advise how to do so. Thank you.
    Marlena Marks Grunewald


    1. Hi Marlena,
      It’s good to hear from you. I went to school with the Denton children. For a while we lived in the Denton house in Belen. You are the third member of the Marks family that I have had the pleasure of meeting.
      If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see “share by” and then you can click on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and email.
      This book can be found at the Quitman County Library and also at the State Archives at Jackson, Mississippi. It may also be found at other libraries that have a large genealogy department. If it isn’t at your library, then you can request it by interlibrary loan. This is a reference book and most libraries will only let you look at the book or copy it at the library. This book is in the public domain.
      There is also some information on the Marks Family at
      They have Leopold Marks as married to Pauline Toomin. This is incorrect. The Pauline that was married to Leopold was a Marks before she married. Pauline Marks Toomin is a granddaughter of Leopold who married a Toomin. This information comes from records found at Tom Leatherwood, Shelby County Register of Deeds.
      If I can help in any other way, let me know.


  3. I found the Wheeler cemetery on Findagrave. I was wondering if this could possibly be the place my Great grandparents were buried. My Great Grandparents were Daniel Burford and Eliza Wilson Burford. They died in or near Vance Mississippi about 1905. The were buried in a local cemetery that may be forgotten or lost. All I know is that it was supposed to be near a Bayou in a farming area. It possibly could have even been turned into a black cemetery later on. This mystery has eluded us for decades. My cousin Bob Burford went to Vance and thought he found the cemetery in the early 1980’s. It was overgrown and full of briars, weeds and saplings. He said he found a few turned over headstones but it was the middle of the summer and 100 degrees so he could not look like he want to. About 10 years ago Bob and I were planning a trip there to try and find the lost cemetery. Unfortunately Bob fell sick with cancer and died so now I do not know where to look. I would love to talk to anyone from this area that might could help me.

    Larry Burford


    1. Hi Larry,
      I’m sorry it took so long to answer but I just moved and was without internet for a while. M.O. Burford was superintendent of Crowder School from 1925-1926. Mrs. Bessie Hill Burford was my third-grade teacher at Marks Elementary School. She and her husband, Richard Homer Burford, are both buried in the Marks Cemetery. They are the only two Burfords on find-a-grave in Quitman County. I can’t tell you much about the Wheeler Cemetery. I got the information about that cemetery from a Daughters of the American Revolution book on the 4th floor of the Memphis library on Poplar Avenue. The book does say it is located across a muddy bayou. Longitude: -90.3834267
      Latitude: 34.0795563
      The 1910 Quitman County census shows, Richard and wife, Henrietta, and Pate and wife, Arletha, living in Beat 3 which is in and around Marks. I don’t see any Burfords in the census from 1877-1900. Quitman County was formed in 1877 from Panola, Tunica, Coahoma and Tallahatchie counties. Census workers are not always knowledgeable about where the county line is. My dad grew up in Beat 5 (in and around Lambert) near the Quitman/Tallahatchie line. Some years he was enumerated in Quitman and other years he was enumerated in Tallahatchie. Vance, Mississippi (Beat 4) is located half in Quitman County and half in Tallahatchie County. Unfortunately, “near a Bayou in a farming area” describes all of Quitman County. Quitman County has 3 rivers, 1 creek, 37 lakes, 2 lowlands, 4 marshes and 20 bayous. The rest is farming land except for a few small towns. The local newspaper is The Quitman County Democrat, 662-326-2181. It was recently purchased by a publisher from Panola county so they may not have any information. The funeral home is Kimbro Funeral Home, 662-326-2881. I’m not sure if they have information on that cemetery or not. You might try posting your question on facebook, Marks the good old days. This site is run by Jaby Denton and the folk on that page have a wealth of information. I hope this information helps. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Good luck in your search. Sharon


    2. This is were Daniel Davis Burford lived with his family in 1900. He , his daughter Mary Susan and his wife Eliza all died between 1901 and 1906 and are buried somewhere in an old cemetery near Vance.

      NameDaniel D BurfordAge39Birth DateJan 1861BirthplaceTennesseeHome in 1900Beat 5, Tallahatchie, MississippiHouse Number8Sheet Number34671Family Number672RaceWhiteGenderMaleRelation to Head of HouseHeadMarital StatusMarriedSpouse’s NameEliza BurfordMarriage Year1889Father’s BirthplaceAlabamaMother’s BirthplaceMississippiOccupationFarmerMonths Not Employed0Can ReadYesCan WriteYesCan Speak EnglishYesHouse Owned or RentedRFarm or HouseFHousehold Members
      Daniel D Burford
      Eliza Burford
      Hatty Burford
      Witton Burford
      Sue Burford
      Kate Burford


  4. Looking for relatives of Ellis Trevillion, Sr. and his wife Myrtle McArthur Trevillion of Marks. Ellis, Jr. was killed in WWII, and I inherited, from his sister Mary, his Purple Heart medal and letters from his buddies to his mother among other things. I am not a relative, and they need to be kept in his family. Thanks for your help. So far as I know–but with you I am hopeful of a discovery–this branch of the Trevilion family is now extinct.
    HERE IS ELLIS TREVILLION JR in the 1940 Census.
    Ellis Trevillion Jr in the 1940 Census
    First Name: Ellis
    Last Name: Trevillion
    Suffix: Jr
    Age at Time of Census: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: White
    Ethnicity: American
    Est. Birth Year: 1924
    Birth Location: Mississippi Map
    Enumeration District: 60-10
    Residence: Marks, Beat 3, Quitman, MS Map
    Relationship to Head of Household: Son
    Other People in Household:
    • Ellis Trevillion
    42 yrs, Male
    • Myrtle Trevillion
    39 yrs, Female
    • Mary Trevillion
    15 yrs, Female

    Marital Status: Single
    Language: English
    Genealogical Society Number: 005449683
    NARA Publication Number: T627
    NARA Microfilm Roll Number: 2061
    Line Number: 8
    Sheet: A
    Sheet Number: 11
    Collection: 1940 U.S. Federal Population Census


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