Cemeteries are a great place to find those missing birth dates and death dates and to verify that the dates you have are correct. Remember to take a photo of the headstone as your source.

A trip to the cemetery will probably give you the chance to get dates for more than one relative since family members are usually buried in the same cemetery.

Watson family buried in Marks Cemetery

In addition, it gives you a chance to confirm or find marriages and children.  Husbands and wives may have a double headstone with the marriage date on their headstone.  (In this case, the date on the headstone is wrong. It should be 21 July 1951. Scroll down to “gravesite details”.)

Photo of double headstone showing date of marriage

I have seen headstones that say Mother and Father.  Some of the headstones of the parents will have the names of their children.  

Headstone showing names of children

Obituaries are another good way of finding birth and death dates.  In addition, the obituary usually has the name of the spouse, children, siblings,  parents, occupation, military service. Some memorials on findagrave.com have obituaries.

Memorial at Find a Grave with an obituary

Some findagrave.com memorials will have a picture.

Memorial at findagrave.com with a picture

As you can see from this memorial, sometimes all the family members are linked together.

In addition to findagrave.com, Billion Graves is another good website for looking up cemetery information.

Cemetery search at Billion Graves

You can also search the Billion Graves index at Family Search.org.  If you don’t already have a free account, sign up for one at FamilySearch.org.

Billion Graves Index at Family Search

Internment.net has some transcribed cemeteries that are free to search.


Accessgenealogy.com has a very nice cemetery database.  Check out this website because they have a lot of information to share.


If you have information to share, consider volunteering your time and information to one of these sites.

Contribute to Find a Grave

Become a BillionGraves Volunteer

Submit a Transcription to Internment.Net


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