I got my DNA tested at FamilyTreeDNA when it was on sale several years ago.  Look for sales all through the year and especially near a holiday. I took the autosomal DNA test.  The test was easy to take: it only requires a cheek swab. The instructions for taking the test were easy to follow and I got my results pretty quickly.  I was able to load my GEDcom to their website so that I could find matches.

There are 3 types of DNA tests:

  1. Autosomal dna looks at 22 chromosomes from each of your parents so it can be taken by either a man or a woman and can provide information about the families of both parents.
  2. The Y-DNA test can only be done by a male member of the family.  In addition to the 22 chromosomes we get from each of our parents, we also get a sex chromosome.  The Y-chromosome is passed down from father to son. Females do not have a Y-chromosome.
  3. The mtDNA test will give information about your mother’s side of the family.  This test can be taken by a male or female member of the family since mitochondrial DNA is passed down from a mother to all her children.

I don’t usually read the fine print but I think it is important to read through all the legal jargon before purchasing your DNA kit.  Questions you will want to answer are:

  1. Is my information private?
  2. Will my DNA be used to solve criminal cases without my knowledge or approval?
  3. What can I learn from this test?
  4. How accurate is the test?
  5. How long will it take to get my test results?
  6. What information will be shared with a third party?
  7. Does the company keep your DNA test, and if so, how, where, and how long is it kept?  If your results are kept online, is the information encrypted?

You may find that you have other questions too.

There are several places that will test your DNA.  These are listed in no particular order.

  1. FamilyTreeDNA
  2. Ancestry
  3. 23andMe
  4. CRIgenetics
  5. MyHeritage
  6. LivingDNA
  7. Vitagene
  8. Nebula
  9. GPS Origins

So, how do you connect with other family members once you get your results?

  1.  Register at GEDmatch and upload your GEDCOM and your test results to see matches.
  2. You can upload raw results to Gene Heritage from any major DNA testing company.
  3. FamilyTreeDNA
  4. Ancestry
  5. 23-and-Me
  6. MyHeritage

You may find others.

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