In 1847 land [was] petitioned from the Federal Government by Weldon Jones.  Various owners were L.P. Jones, W.L. Archibald, Albert Beebe, Ely Ayers, T.K. Downing, Mississippi Valley Land and Lumber Co., H.J. Fordick, John Armstead, Frank Wand, Florence Taylor, F.W. Hamblet, P. McIntyre, J.K. Stack, and Leflore Hardwood Co.

The line from Lake Comorant to Tutwiler was built by the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad and placed in operation July 1, 1902.  During the construction of the Railroad the place was known as Hickman Spur, the depot being built in 1902.

A civil Engineer by the name of J.W. Darling was employed by the Y. and M. V. R. R. from 1897 to 1904 and was construction engineer on various parts of the line.  While surveying right of way from Lake Comorant to Tutwiler, Mr. Darling maintained his office and camp in this particular community, and according to tradition the town was named for this engineer.

Darling is the name of the first list of stations on this line.  Late in 1902, The Leflore Hardwood Lumber Company sold all their interest to R.J. Darnell.  Mr. Darnell owned and operated the first sawmill, commissary, and hotel.

The Darling post office was established March 26, 1903, with Charles A. Latham as postmaster.  The first Artesian well was bored by Mr. Darnell.  Later it was given to the town.  The site of the first school was given by Mr. Darnell.  He also deeded the town a small park.

In 1905 Mr. R.J. Darnell sold to George Fithian all land owned by him except the right of way of the Y. and M. V. R. R. and the town site of Darling.

In 1907 the county granted a public school for the town.  The first trustees were C.F. Newsom [Charles Franklin Newsom 1879-1957], C.C. Tye and Elmer Cameron.  Miss Birdie Abernathy [Birdie O. Abernathy Jamison] was the first teacher.

Among the other early settlers were A.D. Hickle, Checkley R. Mead, Thomas Pain, and L.H. Ellison [Leonidas Hamlin Ellison 1854-1929].

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